Roddenberry Fellowship


Director of Coaching

July 2017 — Present

I advised the Roddenberry Foundation leadership about the launch of their Roddenberry Fellowship program. In particular, I served as an advocate for a coaching component within the program when it was launched in 2018 and have served as a coach for each current cohort and within the alumni community.

Subsequently, I’ve taken on the role of Director of Coaching for the Fellowship. In that role I’ve worked with Foundation staff to continually evolve the coaching program and ensure that it meets the needs of 15 current fellows and 50 alumnus.  In this role I have recruited and supported a pool of 20 coaches that reflect the diversity of the fellows and hold the expertise they require. In my coaching I most often work with fellows in building new revenue streams, developing work plans and improving access to talent and funders.

In addition, I was able to develop a relationship with the Optum Health Probono Program that enabled the fellows organizations to have access to working teams available to assist on their most pressing issues. 

The fellowship is a 12-month program for activists who are working to protect the most vulnerable and make the US a more inclusive and equitable place to live. These innovators, community leaders, and changemakers are leading the efforts for a more just and equitable country. I work to ensure that they have access to the support they need to continue growing their organizations by being a conduit to funders, talent and the processes that enable intentional development.  

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