Working Together

If you’ve been reading and reviewing the testimonials you know your success is paramount to me. I won’t take on projects where I don’t feel assured of progress. The people and projects I accept have the following in common.

  • The individuals have done impressive work and aspire to do even bigger things. I am invested in their success in all aspects of life.
  • The effort they are starting up or the role they are taking on has the potential to have an intriguing effect on the world. I want to do amazing things!
  • I see the unique value my experience and network bring to you and your project.
  • We are a good personality fit as partners. I foster and appreciate vulnerable communication while also seeking to creating structures that enable you to alighn your work and your professional goals.

If I am not the right person I have the good fortune to know amazing people. So, I may well be able to recommend someone else who would be great for you.


How I Work With Others…and How it Differs…

There is a world filled with impressive people that you might turn to for support and counsel. Here are a few ways that I approach this work that might be different from others. These may be charming and intriguing, or not.

  • I work across an unusual set of issue areas and roles. As you review the site you’ve seen projects that run the gamut from immigration and career development to foster care and politics. Similarly, I work on a range of topics from building boards & advisory councils and launching revenue generating programs to time management and staffing. I often serve as the person you can trust to share all of your challenges.
  • I’ll make introductions. I do have a great and diverse network of people to whom I can make introductions. I have to believe in your and your work to do so which is why I am so selective in choosing clients.
  • I’m a founder. Given that, I enjoy working with other founders and leaders because I understand their issues. Many lack someone with standing that they can trust to share their concerns, and I love being that person.
  • I don’t follow typical schedules. While I would typically schedule regular conversations I believe in being available to those I support when they need me. So you are encouraged to text me whenever an issue emerges.
  • I am not transactional. I believe in long-term relationships and my interest in you is not grounded in short-term problem solving, but rather to be part of your life and work in a longer and broader way.
  • I am a mix of structured and informal. For me this work is joyous. I have very direct and honest conversations, and several dozen tools  that I use with those I support, but I also love to laugh. No one will work harder than me for you. That work is a partnership and our meetings will be something to which you look forward.

The Structure

  • Retainers. I prefer to work on agreements of at least 3 months, and prefer longer
  • Scheduled Calls. I seek regularly planned check-ins
  • Trust-building. We would have a few calls before we decide to move ahead to ensure that we are a fit
  • Initial Goals. We work together on an initial set of goals that we work towards