Much of the way I see that world is shared in writings that I have published in the last few years.

You can see most of my writing here or read selections below.

How the Unconventional Job Seeker Gets the Job

As a career coach you can expect that a pretty typical part of my day will be spent speaking with clients who are bewildered by their search for fulfilling work.

You would ask Friends to Help in a Relationship Crisis, So Why Not a Career Crisis

A few years ago, I had the dubious experience of exiting a romantic relationship and a working relationship of over a decade’s duration, each, around the same time.

We all have a work story. Does yours stink?

Storytelling and narrative coaching is a big business these days.

The One Thing People Almost Always Get Wrong When Networking

You may think you’re no good at networking but the good news is that most people are even worse at it than you, and that by the time you’ve read this, you’ll be on your way to being brilliant at it.

What If You Switched From Doing The Least You Can Do To The Most?

Right now I want you to think of five people in your professional life who are floundering and in need of support

There Are Four Kinds of Job Applicants And Only One Gets the Job

I think I’m a very lucky guy because I often get to interview and hire people.

Making a Career Change in Your Forties or Fifties: The Good News

I’ve coached plenty of people in their forties and fifties through significant career transitions, and if you’re in the same boat, then you’re likely thinking that it could be pretty challenging. In fact, you may even be considering staying in an unfulfilling and miserable job instead.

Essential Tips for Coping When Someone You Love is Out of Work

The pursuit of fulfilling work and meaningful relationships are two of the main components of a happy life. Too many of us derive too much of our sense of identity from our work, which makes life hard when work stops being pleasurable, and trickier still if we lose our jobs.

Five Ways to Get a Job When Short on Years Of Experience

Work is filled with catch-22s, or unsolvable double binds. The origin of the term is Joseph Heller’s satirical war novel, in which pilots who said they were too mentally fragile to fly were in fact showing concern for their safety, and therefore, judged sane enough to fly. In other words, they were damned to be pilots, either way.